Choctaw University Leadership Program merits national honor

Left, Clare Roby, President of the Association for Continuing Higher Education, presents the Distinguished Program Credit Award to, center, Becky Hicks, Director of Choctaw University, and Shawn Young, Instructor at Choctaw University. The recognition came at the Association for Continuing Higher Education held earlier this fall in Portland, Oregon. Photo provided to Choctaw Nation.

Choctaw Nation release

DURANT – Choctaw University has been awarded the Distinguished Program Credit Award by the Association of Continuing Higher Education. Choctaw University’s Leadership Symposium was recognized earlier this fall at the Association’s annual meeting in Portland, Oregon.

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Becky Hicks, Director of Choctaw University, said. “This is a testament to the hard work of the Choctaw University faculty, our co-workers in Human Resources and Learning and Development, our partners at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, and most of all, the commitment of our students and alumni to the future of the tribe.”

The Distinguished Program Credit Award was accepted by Hicks and Choctaw University Instructor Shawn Young, who attended the annual meeting Oct. 24, 2017.

The award-winning Leadership Symposium showcases Choctaw University senior-level students, recruits for the program and offers leadership training to all who work for the Choctaw Nation. Program submissions were judged on originality, innovation and success.

Choctaw University is a professional development program of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Through a unique partnership with Southeastern. Choctaw University offers an accredited program of study for Choctaw Nation employees to obtain college credit and develop leadership skills. Choctaw University is in its seventh year.

Enrollment in the Leadership Symposium has increased every year since it began. In 2018 the Leadership Series will accept 240 associates and the Continuing Education Series is expecting at least 250 applications.

In 2017, Choctaw U issued 780 hours of college credit to associates and since its beginning has assisted 24 Choctaw Nation associates in completing their bachelor’s degrees at Southeastern, with more graduating every semester.

Choctaw U offers a four-year Leadership Series (through a partnership with Southeastern) in which 30 hours of college credit can be earned by participants.

Choctaw U’s Continuing Education Series features six one-year certificate programs that include Administrative Professional, Choctaw Culture, Professional Development, Self-Development, Introduction to Business and Technology Education.

Since Choctaw U started, it has awarded 750 Leadership Series Certificates and 460 Continuing Education Certificates.

The next CU Leadership Symposium is planned for August 2018. For enrollment or other information inquiries, contact Hicks at or 580-924-8280 Ext. 2544.

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