Choctaw Nation Housing Authority to help in new home ownership


The Housing Authority of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has announced help for tribal members seeking to become new homeowners. The residences, to be built starting in 2018, will be new constructions with energy-efficient designs and materials.

The Leap Program is an opportunity for those who meet income and credit guidelines.

Through credit counseling the Leap Program will assist families that have credit problems to become mortgage-ready and lender-qualified over time.

Considerations for Leap Program applicants are:

  1. That families live within the Choctaw Nation’s 10 1/2-county service area
  2. That new homeowners will receive education and homebuyer counseling services
  3. There will be a 15-year lease with intent to obtain mortgage of the home in the 16th year
  4. The payments start at $500

Those wanting to apply should contact the Housing Authority of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma by calling 800-235-3087, or visiting online at

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