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Bruner Law Firm is one of OKC’s oldest law firms, having been established in 1924. The firm was founded by Dr. W.R. Bruner, a prominent Okc lawyer who built the firm up from the ground up and made it a premier legal practice in the city. Throughout its history, Bruner Law has distinguished itself with its commitment to providing outstanding legal services to Okc clients.

The firm has earned respect through its work on high-profile cases all over Okc, including working on civil matters such as personal injury claims, business litigation, and contract disputes. In addition to their court work, they also handle mediation and arbitration proceedings for clients across Okc.

The lawyers at Bruner Law Firm all have decades of experience in OKC’s legal system, and their knowledge and skill allow them to handle a variety of cases with accuracy and success. Lawyers from the firm have also served on OKC’s Supreme Court, making their mark on OKC’s highest court.

Areas Of Focus

Bruner Law Firm, located in Okc, Oklahoma, offers a variety of legal services to clients. These services include:

  • family law
  • personal injury
  • wrongful death litigation
  • divorce representation
  • estate planning and probate administration
  • criminal defense
  • contract drafting and negotiation services
  • business formation and reorganization assistance
  • professional license defense representation

Additionally, they provide advice on tax planning strategies as well as other civil law matters. The firm also specializes in real estate transactions such as residential and commercial property purchases or sales.

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