Blood recipient says “Thank You” to Choctaw Nation blood donor

Photo provided by OBI. A young mother receives blood and takes time to thank her donor.

Choctaw Nation
Kelsey Brown

DURANT – Blood donors don’t always get a thank you. At the Choctaw Nation, appreciation is shared by saying or writing, “yakoke,” or “thank you.” Through the Oklahoma Blood Institute’s (OBI) “Thank the DonorTM” program, a recipient was able to share her appreciation.

“Sitting here thankful to you for donating your blood, I’m looking forward to feeling like Superwoman. Thank you!”

A simple message sent through the process on found its way back to the Choctaw Nation Blood Bank.

The Choctaw Nation Health Services Authority Talihina hospital uses about 350 units of blood per year. Depending on the need, the recipient can get more than one unit (8-12 pints) of blood transfused. Blood is used in various emergencies, as well as surgeries scheduled in advance.

The Talihina hospital’s blood bank is stocked by the efforts of individuals donating blood through several blood drives provided by OBI each year. Blood donors can give blood every 56 days, and one donation provides, on average, the ability to help three people.

Currently, the OBI is in immediate need of blood donations of all types. You help save lives by donating and could receive a sweet and unexpected thank you back. Visit or call 877-340-8777 to find a blood drive near you.

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