Bell ringers needed to help Salvation Army’s work in Durant

By Joey McWilliams

DURANT – It is the time of year win which we hear bells in so many places.

There are jingle bells that show up in many of the holiday songs heard on the radio, as well as the jingle bells that ring on the Christmas tree when the cat jumps into the middle of it.

The ringing of the handbell outside a store is also a familiar one at this time of year. But it hasn’t been heard yet in Durant.

The Salvation Army is looking for people to pick up that bell and give it a ring this season.

Brenda Simpson, secretary/treasurer of the Durant Salvation Army, said the bell-ringing list has many open spaces.

“For the last 30 years, we’ve rung the bell at Walmart and wherever and we’ve always filled our calendar from the moment we started advertising,” Simpson said. “People just aren’t coming forward this year.”

Simpson said people can sign up as individuals or groups and organizations could take part.

“We ring up until Dec. 23 and we have people come and ring at both ends of the Walmart,” Simpson said. “They can do it however long they want, but we usually have them to do it for two hours at a time. If they need to sit down, we can get a chair for them.

“We have the FFA group from Colbert coming, but it is later in the year.”

It is important to the Salvation Army to catch the attention of people during this season in order to help finance the giving through the year.

“This is where we make all of our money to help needy people with their electric bills or heating bills, to help buy propane or bus tickets,” Simpson said. “If there is a fire in someone’s home, we help to put the people up in a hotel. And that’s where all the money comes from and it is used in Bryan County only.

“But we are missing out right now because there is nobody out to ring the bell.”

To be a part of this season’s bell ringing, contact Bonita Smith at 580-916-5090. Simpson said those applying to ring could not have felonies on the record and that there would be a background check.

And she encouraged all who will to be involved in a worthy cause.

“We like to get groups, like 4-H, from different schools, so they can do it together. And sometimes a parent will stand with one of them.

“A lot of people like to show their kids about giving and will come and stand with their children.”

The Salvation Army needs you this December in Durant.


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