Active Real Estate expands to open office in Durant

Staff photo.

By Joey McWilliams

DURANT – A long-time resident of southern Oklahoma, Shawn Stovall has expanded his business reach into Bryan County.

Active Real Estate recently opened another office. This one is located in Durant at 625 W. Main St.

Stovall, the owner of the agency, said he expects big things and that Durant was just a natural fit.

“I have a couple of agents that were already working with me,” Stovall said. “One of them is Brad Aycock, who is a Durant native and a guy that’s been around that area for a long, long time. And we had already kind of started working in the Durant area selling homes, but we didn’t have an office front there, so we weren’t getting many opportunities to list properties.

“Brad’s a really hard worker and takes his job very seriously and is very professional. So I visited with him and made sure that it was something he foresaw being a long-term career move for him to be in real estate. I told him, if he would stick with me, I’d get him an office in Durant and be in there with 100 percent, too.”

Stovall talked about other ties to the area, including his brother who previously lived in Durant and nephew who plays football at Southeastern.

“I saw it as an opportunity to try to do business and try to grow it and provide some opportunities for other agents to work in that neighborhood, so we’re really excited about it.”

Active handles the sale of residential, farm and ranch and commercial land in southeast Oklahoma primarily. Stovall himself started out in 2000 with Texoma Agency in Kingston.

“That business was founded by my father, Darrell Stovall, in 1980,” Stovall said. “So I have a background there with him. He sold his business about five years ago and we left when he did. When that happened, I had a couple of different opportunities and wound up with Active Real Estate, which incidentally was started by my wife’s grandfather about the same time my dad started his business.

“So I went to work to help him out when we left Texoma Agency and after about a year there, he asked me if I’d be interested in buying the business and God kind of dropped it in my lap and it’s a blessing and it’s worked out well.”

You can learn more about Active Real Estate at the website found HERE.

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