Accel Polymers is the Best Place to Recycle Plastic Scrap in Chicago!

At Accel Polymers we pride ourselves for our quality services provided to our customers and sustainable solutions that recover plastic scraps into useful raw materials for plastic manufactures. As a full-service recycling and compounding company, we focus on recovering, processing, and re-introducing different recycled wastes. These recyclable items include plastics, acrylics, and more. We can break down these items through processes including pelletizing, shredding, and grinding that allow us to efficiently recycle these materials so that they may be used again. With over 30 years in the industry, we continue building our sustainable practices with our customers that positively impact your raw material cost and carbon footprint as a company. Doing so benefits our customers by building a partnership of sustainable social and environmental responsibility that is cost effective and contamination free. At Accel Polymers, we specialize in developing unique recycling processes that provide lucrative and beneficial recycling alternatives to our customers. We can also provide strategies and reports personalized for your business to help share and manage your recycling achievements. Offering these services allows us to prioritize our customers and take care of their recycling needs. So, if you are looking for Chicago plastic scrap recycling to help benefit both your business and your planet, then consider calling Accel Polymers today!

Areas of Focus

Being a full-service recycling and compounding company allows us to offer many services to businesses in the Chicago area. Each of these services vary to be able to account for different customers and their recycling needs. These services include:

  • Pelletizing
  • Shredding/ GrindingChicago Plastic Scrap Recycling
  • Recycling of Scrap
  • Reprocessed and Virgin Resin Supply
  • Plastic Scrap and Regrind Buying

Learn More About Accel Polymers

If you are a business looking to efficiently and sustainable recycle your scrap, then reach out to Accel Polymers today! We will work hard to make sure you and your recycling needs are taken care of!

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