Chamber hosts ribbon cutting at OmniCare365

Photo by Katie Quinn.

The Durant Area Chamber of Commerce celebrated another new business with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at OmniCare365 on Thursday.

Business presented by KTC.

OmniCare365 is a business process outsource company located directly east of the main REI building off Enterprise Boulevard in Durant.

Chief Organizational Development Officer Darla Hunt spoke about her company, which has been operational for more than a year now.

“Essentially, other companies hire us to do work on their behalf,” Hunt said. “In our line of business, we support health care. We talk to members, we do provider support and wellness assessments. We also support sales and customer service.”

And the business has opportunities for employment.

“We are currently hiring,” Hunt said. “All of our positions are available on If you do a key search on of “Omnicare365” – all together with no spaces – with the city and state “Durant, OK.” You can also set up an alert on Indeed and when we post new positions, you’ll immediately be notified that something has become available.

“Currently, we are hiring for some sales positions and we also have a need for bilingual representatives.”

The listed physical address for OmniCare365 is 3588 Tom Smith Road in Durant. However, it is difficult to get directions as to how to get there from internet maps.

“We have a beautiful building located behind the main REI office out here by Choctaw off of Enterprise Boulevard,” Hunt said. “We are very proud to be in their lead building. REI is very proud of this building, as well. A lot of the material is locally sourced, it’s energy efficient and it’s just a green building. It’s a very modern place to be with lots of natural light.”

Hunt also highlighted a couple of things important to her about OmniCare365.

“We are a call center. And sometimes people who aren’t familiar with a call center have this stigma that they believe that we are telemarketers or that we are calling people, and that is not what we do here. There are call centers that do that. We are primarily inbound and we service members, customers and clients. So for anyone that is thinking about a change, or is curious about the call center, it’s not what you may think of it as being.

“Also, what I would also like to call out about our company is that we are family owned and operated. Matt (Darla’s husband and CEO of OmniCare365) and I are here every day. We are involved. We take calls.

“We have a really great base of employees. We’re very family-oriented. Each of our holidays, we invite the family in and we do cookouts.

“It’s just a really fun place to work.”

OmniCare365 can be found online at and can be reached at (580) 262-4350.

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