100,000 cups served!

Shaun and Ami Rawlings. Photo provided.

Milestone events are fun things to recognize. And a relatively new local business hit a big one.

Business presented by KTC.

Opera House Coffee Shop served its 100,000th cup of coffee at around 7 a.m. on Friday morning to Marlin Blankenship.

Shaun and Ami Rawlings are the owners of the Opera House. Shaun said it is nice to see the growth of the town reflected in the business.

“Our computer system keeps up with all of our numbers, categories, stats, trends – it does all the hard work for you,” Rawlings said. “So it’s easy to go back and see how many thousands of chocolate chip cookies we’ve made or how many now hundreds of thousands of cups of coffee.

Staff photo.

“And it’s neat to see the growth, not only of our business, but really of the downtown area and our community. (The Opera House) has kind of become a place where people just come and hang out. If you look right now, that’s really all people are doing. There aren’t really a lot of people working, it’s just people who haven’t had a place to meet and now they do.

“That’s just reason we did it. We wanted a place to hang out. And now unfortunately we have to work. But we really just wanted that to be the purpose and I think people are catching on it.”

The coffee shop/gathering place opened for business in March 2018.

“If you really do the math and break it down, it’s not really that impressive,” Rawling said. “But anything over a long period of time, it’s neat to see those big numbers because you can’t really picture all those cups of coffee.”

As for Cup No. 200,000?

“Give us a year.”

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