Thursday Thoughts

By Sierra Kovash

Weight loss, weight loss, weight loss — a topic on just about all of our minds. It’s something everyone seems to know how to do, but only a few have mastered. Just ask Facebook, Google, or Instagram – one post or search will yield a million answers on how to lose those pounds. It seems to be the one thing people want to tell you how to do, right behind how to raise your children.
Previously, I have shared that I recently embarked on my own weight-loss journey (not for the first time in my life) in hopes of bettering my overall health. Just like the average millennial, I post about it frequently on social media. Posting keeps me accountable for my daily choices and helps me stay committed to my goal. Second, for the folks who need it, they can use me as their “accountabili-buddy” and know I am out there struttin’ down struggle street with them. But posting has its negatives…
Now, I understand basic nutrition. I may even understand a little more than the average bear. I can read a nutrition label. I know how many calories each gram of fat, carbs, and protein will convert into. I know what vitamins we get from different fruits and vegetables. I understand that fish is better for you than steak.
I also know that the moment you tell someone you are trying to lose weight they are going to tell you their magic weight-loss secrets. Take these pills I sell. Have you used the wraps? What about essential oils? CBD? What about the all-kale diet? Shakes? Butter in your coffee? Atkins? Vegan? Paleo? Episcopalian?
Well-intentioned, yes. Successful for them? Hope so. Asked for? No.
You see, just because people put themselves out there doesn’t mean they are asking for your advice. Sometimes just talking/posting about it keeps them motivated and accountable. That is not an invitation to criticize, suggest, or sell something. Support and encouragement is always welcome. If you are burning to help someone, the best thing to do is ask if they would like some suggestions. Tell your friend that you have been successful with some techniques and offer to share. If they are welcome to those suggestions, then share away! If they tell you that they are happy with what they are doing at the moment, give them some space. They truly are happy for you, but they are doing what works for them.
If you are in the same boat as me, this one is for you. You do what works for YOU. Your path to better health is your business. If you have done your research and you know what works for your body, then do it. Don’t be pressured into the get-thin-quick schemes. The weight loss industry is a 70 billion dollars a year preying on people who just want to be “not fat” for the first times in their lives. There are people who will see you putting yourself out there, and try to take advantage of your vulnerability with their sales pitch. Weight loss is not an overnight project. It takes time, a ton of patience, thick skin, and an immeasurable amount of dedication — but you know that. Trust yourself. Stick with it. You’ve got this.
“The Struggle is Real” – 2Pac

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