Monday Motivation

By Sierra Kovash

On Friday, I photographed my first birth. This was not the first birth that I have attended, but it was the first one that I have photographed. Birth photography has been around for a long time, but it has just now taken off as a very popular form of lifestyle photography. Why has it all of a sudden become so popular?
I am sure that we all have our speculations, but mine is that the more we progress as a society the more we realize how fleeting moments truly are. Your child will be born only once, they will take their first breath only one time, you will experience the few transformative moments of changing from an individual to a parent only once.
With new and precious life on my mind all weekend, I couldn’t help but think about my child and how grateful I am for him and my family – how that the precious moments with him are always fleeting just as the moments of the baby’s birth. That first breath, the first word my child reads, the first time the Mom saw her baby, the first time my child holds the door open open for an elderly couple at the mall.
I say all these things because they are all things that happen when we are choosing to pay attention. We can place more value on some moments more than others, but in the end all moments are precious. We should value each of them that we are give the opportunity to enjoy.
I know not every family will be gifted with a child, or will choose to have one. I know not every individual will choose to have a family… but no matter your life situation we should treat your lives with just as much care as a newborn. Take care of yourself, treasure yourself, breathe in your moments of success. Take your time doing the things that you enjoy, spend time  with the people that you love and cherish. Don’t waste your time worrying over making everything perfect. The only perfect thing that people in your life want is your presence.

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