Lemonade for Pangolins

Left to right: Kadee Mae Johnson, Braylee Malone and Lona Johnson are selling lemonade outside Don't Blink Photography today for Pangolins. Staff photo.

DURANT – Today is the day to drink some lemonade for a cause.

But it’s a cause you may not have ever heard about before. According to the owner of the stand, Kadee Johnson, no one she has talked was even aware of its existence.

“About three months ago, I saw a show about Pangolins,” Johnson said. “Nobody has ever heard of one. Nobody! And I’ve asked everybody.”

So Johnson is taking up the cause of Pangolins herself and is putting action to it.

Johnson, along with sister Lona and friend Braylee Malone, have set up a lemonade stand – legally – in front of her mother’s store. The stand is operated by the three of them at 126 N. Third Ave. in front of Don’t Blink Photography.

Johnson wrote an article for the Patriot last week about the near-extinct species and the reasons for the dwindling population.

“We’re raising money for Pangolins and their shelters and the environment,” Johnson said. “There are like eight species being endangered in Asia and Africa.”

On sale today at the stand are lemonade and fruit-enhanced water. The stand will be open until at least 6:30 p.m. and the weather is great today to get outside to come by for a visit and to support the cause.

“All the money goes for the Pangolins. Come on out!”

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